‘Brown Bear’ Art Print Freesia painting (untitled as yet) Illustration ‘Two Kisses’  Original Indian Ink Drawing of Penguins ‘Goosey Gander’  Art Print ‘Mummy Bump’ Art Print ‘Polar Bear’ Art Print ‘Blackbird’  Drypoint Edition Print of 12 ‘Snoozing Penguin’  Open Edition Print

Welcome to Samantha Barnes Artist

156002191samabtga Top-100-badge       Artypops by Samantha Barnes

Hello, hello!

Thank you so much for visiting my all NEW ‘Samantha Barnes Artist‘ website.  Home  for my artworks and all my artisty comings & goings.    I do hope that your brain hasn’t been fried by my move from .co.uk to .com but sadly the developers went banana’s and very soon, my old website is going to self destruct, so it was an immediate evacuation to a whole new home site.   We are not quite finished yet but it was time for a change (erring on the positive) and it’s been so good to clear out all the deadwood, a bit like doing out a garage or moving house!  Have a good old route through and email me with your details to keep you informed about shows, events & do’s coming up.    Much love, Sam x


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