A Great Idea for Sharing The Love via Blogging (& some art too).

I was delighted to have taken part in this wonderful idea by the superb blogger ‘Pigeon Pair & Me’ in her quest for sharing & collaboration.

In her own words ‘Our Time of Gifts’ is about borrowing an item, receiving a gift, or taking advantage of someone’s skills. Not necessarily in return, as this isn’t an experiment in bartering. Instead, I want to explore, through stories on my blog, the difference that regular collaboration makes to my family, our friendship circles, household finances, and happiness levels.

In return each week Nell loans something or gives something away, then writes about it.  Here is her website & the link to my gift blogpost.

I loved her idea and wanted to send her something for one of her weeks.  So I sent her a ‘Grizzly Bear not knowing her family penchant for brown bears, I am delighted that it struck such a cord and is now happily among their family possessions.

Do dip in, even better get involved!

Much love Sam x

brown bear tiny


Saturday morning telly, new paintings & Southwark Cathedral…

Hello hello!

It feels like it’s been ages since I have written a blogpost from the heart so here goes, hope you enjoy!

Am loving working on canvas again as it’s been eons since I’ve gotten mucky, slapping beautiful paints around on canvas!  To be quite honest I had forgotten quite how much I love working in acrylic and last week I got going again with these two canvases based on my love of all things freesias.

Flowers on Canvas by Samantha Barnes Untitled Freesia Canvas

Both of these canvases are for sale, please email me for prices.  The darker of the two is 50 x 50cm and the larger is 75 x 75cm.

Other news, well I’m still reeling from a FANTASTIC pop-up day with Lisa from The Cook Shed, we had such a ball.  More dates coming I promise.  It’s countdown to the Easter holidays with the babes and am looking forward to spending some much needed time yomping about on the beach with them and the wee doggie Barney.  Will be good to have a break as I believe you can see it in my work.  Not too get too arty about it but I think it’s important to have time away from the studio as you bring so much new gusto back to it when it’s back to work time.

Am also looking forward to some pretty exciting workshops I have coming up too.  On April 30th I am going to be delivering a corporate drawing afternoon in Southwark Cathedral.  I love these workshops as it’s really very special indeed to see folk getting creative again after what can be an incredibly long time.  My job is to connect those people to their own artistry (because it’s in each and everyone one of us naturally) after what is normally years of doing anything creative.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see how much people thrive in what sometimes is only 2 or 3 hours.  It’s actually quite humbling.

Ok then.  It’s now 7am when the rest of the house stirs and I can hear footsteps of the babes coming down the stairs complete with duvee’s ready to take up their places on the sofa. It’s Saturday and on the weekend, morning telly shall occur!

It’s a beautiful day and I am blessed.

Much love

Sam x


Yesterdays ‘Art & Soup Kitchen’ was a roaring success and BRILLIANT fun!

Well, that is the way to do a pop-up!  Use all the facilities you have to hand, a house/flat, some delicious food, lovely company and some great art to sell.  What a day.

Bearing in mind that I have only been living in Woodbridge for six months it was an absolute success to have the number of people through the door that we did.  Lisa cooked some AMAZING food, including:

Black Treacle, Ginger & Yogurt dressed cake OR  Chocolate & Orange Cake  OR Rhubarb & Orange Cake (phwoar!)  Served with Coffee from the aga

Lunch was:

Roasted Carrot, Paprika & Rosemary Soup, served with prepared on the spot flatbreads, finished off with the most beautiful puy lentil & butternut squash salad I have EVER seen, I can’t tell you how amazing it was.

All attendee’s paid £5 on entrance then the nosh was all in.  My artworks were set up in the sitting room and the snug.  I sold a number of prints and LOTS of greeting cards and the feedback to our pop-up venture was super-encouraging.

A brilliant day.  More events coming up soon…keep the dates:  June 7th & 8th

Sam x Ps, Lisa is ‘The Cook Shed’   Lisa@thecookshed.co.uk   Book her for your event, she is incredible!

'Art & Soup Kitchen' with Samantha Barnes & Lisa Sare lisa2 lisa5 lisa6 lisa7 lisa3.jpg

Spring Shows have Sprung into action…Sales, shows & teeny tiny puppies

Busy, busy, busy – just how I like it.

These past couple of weeks have been all about feedback, aka shows.  This is a wonderful time of year for the first shows of the next 12 months, Spring 2014 thus far hasn’t disappointed.  Am yet to find out the total sales of The Artex show this year but I understand that it’s gone really well and I have sold a number of framed works and browser.

More sales have been made via The Green Gallery in Buchlyvie, Scotland (yay) and of course, this coming Thursday we have our ‘Art & Soup Kitchen’ Event here in Woodbridge which should be a hoot!

It’s all looking pretty marvellous to me.

Other news, well I am very excited to report that this July I will be giving drawing art workshops at Latitude Festival – (SO exciting) on the 17th – 23rd July for all the family, 3 x 1 hour workshops per day.  I also had some lovely editorial this weekend past in The East Anglian Times too, enjoy!  Lastly, underneath that are some stag drawings that I’ve been working on for a hotel in Edinburgh & very lastly, underneath those is my gorgeous puppy, Barney who is now 5 months and gooooooorgeous!

It’s all rather good!  As per Sam x



IMG_0006 Stag Drawing by Samantha Barnes Artist



‘A Crocodile Surprise’

'A Crocodile Surprise' by Samantha Barnes


Hurray for my daughter, Martha’s amazing poem.  I was so taken with it that I just had to take it to my drawing board and make it into a joint effort, forever captured.

It’s a wonderful moment, Sam x

I’m on fire….Saturday night and I wanna paint my giraffe’s teeth…

It’s Saturday night and I can’t wait to get to my drawing board!  Surely I should be dreaming about a glass of something sparkly or perhaps wandering around the house gathering rugby gear for number 1 to get muddy in tomorrow…but no…all I can think about is doing some more drawing.

I am blessed to have somewhere in my house to work.  We have a workroom, that houses my husbands job (www.filmsforwebsites.com) and mine too.  What it can’t house is the ten-tons of crap that we both collect, stuff which could, at a stretch, be catagorised as ‘work-stuff’.  It’s been hard but we’ve been culling successfully!

Thank you all so all your wonderful folk for registering with me.  I was chuffed to bits to see how happy my winner was of the ‘Two Kisses’ original line drawing, well done Amanda Dominy it will be with you by Wednesday.

'Two Kisses' Original Ink Drawing by Samantha Barnes

Other than that, all sorts of great event-dates are being confirmed, kicking off with two events at opposite ends of the country, I have the Artex show coming on on the 14/15th of March in Berkshire (please see my exhibitions page) and just confirmed is a one-day-pop-up show ‘The Art & Soup Kitchen’ here in Woodbridge on Thursday 20th March.  It’s all very exciting!  More details to follow v soon.

Off to my drawing board now to finish off my giraffe’s-teeth!

Thanks for dipping in and keep dry all.


The one in which I have coffee with George Clooney and all my clothes fall off…..

samantha barnes, samantha barnes artist, drawing of a latte

I’m at the airport, going on holiday with my family.  Carl is there, the children are excited about going on an aeroplane and we are sat, on a table having a pre-flight coffee.  Also sitting at our table is Mr George Clooney and on recognising him all my clothes fall off, in a oner.

The children don’t seem to notice, Carl simply gives me the ‘Oh darling’ face and Mr Clooney is overcome with love for my beautiful body.  Having a what Marks & Spencers (and other well-known chains) might call a ‘fuller-figure, I am left explaining to George that having a body like mine does not come easily and that one has to work at these things by a:having children, b: feeding it at regular times, at least 5/6 per day c: keep active d: erm not sure.

Scrabbling together my clothes, we left for our holiday, leaving George still sitting on the table, in shock at my beauty.

It was all a dream, bugger.

I woke up in celebration of my body and thankful for all the extra wobbly bits.  It truly saddens me that we girls are still so brow-beaten about our figs – I heard an article on the radio last week, that if we do the usual – stand in front of the mirror & chastise ourselves for the extra bits, our children pick up on this and in time follow suit.

Enough of this ladies.  Stand in front of your mirror, in front of your children and sing in celebration of your body, your image, your look and give yourself a pat on the back – you are chuffing gorgeous and you know it!

Reports back please….and love from George too x



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