The one in which I have coffee with George Clooney and all my clothes fall off…..

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I’m at the airport, going on holiday with my family.  Carl is there, the children are excited about going on an aeroplane and we are sat, on a table having a pre-flight coffee.  Also sitting at our table is Mr George Clooney and on recognising him all my clothes fall off, in a oner.

The children don’t seem to notice, Carl simply gives me the ‘Oh darling’ face and Mr Clooney is overcome with love for my beautiful body.  Having a what Marks & Spencers (and other well-known chains) might call a ‘fuller-figure, I am left explaining to George that having a body like mine does not come easily and that one has to work at these things by a:having children, b: feeding it at regular times, at least 5/6 per day c: keep active d: erm not sure.

Scrabbling together my clothes, we left for our holiday, leaving George still sitting on the table, in shock at my beauty.

It was all a dream, bugger.

I woke up in celebration of my body and thankful for all the extra wobbly bits.  It truly saddens me that we girls are still so brow-beaten about our figs – I heard an article on the radio last week, that if we do the usual – stand in front of the mirror & chastise ourselves for the extra bits, our children pick up on this and in time follow suit.

Enough of this ladies.  Stand in front of your mirror, in front of your children and sing in celebration of your body, your image, your look and give yourself a pat on the back – you are chuffing gorgeous and you know it!

Reports back please….and love from George too x



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1 comment on The one in which I have coffee with George Clooney and all my clothes fall off…..

  1. Kate Thompson
    29 January 2014 at 10:12 am (1 year ago)

    Totally agree – sham sit was all a dream but thank God for reality. Every stretch mark tells a story. ;) Kate x (from Britmums thread)


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