A Christmas Debrief from Samantha Barnes Studios (including scooters)

Samantha Barnes, picture of a scooter, scooter illustration, art for children's bedrooms

Merry Christmas just past people.

We hope you had a wonderful time and like us ate too much, drank too much, laughed a lot, talked a lot, watched telly, watched the sweet new puppy gadder about in the wrapping paper, endured an argument or two and watched the fences blow down in the garden from a warm and snuggly house, and you are now feeling fat and ready to get back to the norm – that’s just about the shape of it here.

However, the children have other ideas.  Still up in the sky on Christmas-hype the only option is to exhaust them.  Get them out, running about like loons.  Felixstowe swimming pool & prom…. here we come…on scooters.

We have been blessed this holiday to have had lots of visitors.  Lovely pals that are here to enjoy Suffolk en famille, wonderful neighbours (that have written this AMAZING game-changer of a book – buy it!) and some, but not all of our lovely big family.  We have had a ball and am finding myself up here at 06.25 inspired and writing, in fact am dead inspired about making some new works I have planned.

This coming year sees me working hard, having help in the studio, planning, painting, lots of drawing, playing with the dog, organising TONS of wonderful one day art workshops for you to get creative too, going on lots of holidays , finishing my book (more on that later) and taking part in some shows, it’s going to be a fantastic 2014 everyone…bookmark this page!

Much love and many happy wishes for 2014 to you and all yours.

Samantha x


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1 comment on A Christmas Debrief from Samantha Barnes Studios (including scooters)

  1. Julian Illman
    4 January 2014 at 9:51 pm (1 year ago)

    What a lovely Christmas debrief, although not so sure about the fencing which has blown down and I’ll have to fix. Lol. We think you’re lovely neighbours too and thank you so much for the recommendation of our program. Happy 2014. Hi diddly, dee, neighbour (as Ned Flanders would say)


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