On Finally a Doggy-Mummy at age 42 & 3 months! You HAVE to see this picture!

World….meet ‘Barney’.

IMG_0004It’s finally happened…we have a family dog, I have a dog.  I have ALWAYS wanted a dog and now, I am officially a doggy-mummy and I intend to stay this way until I am way too old and doddery (or should that be doggery?!) to never have one again.

My wanting a dog began at art school and has never left me really.  We had dogs when I was little and I think that relationship between us humans and our little waggy-tailed four legged friends is among the most loving and rewarding that we can have.

I will be training and for all my doey-eyed cooing I will be strict(ypops) and most insistant that my new found bestie is well behaved.  The children as you can imagine are besides themselves and the daddy too is overcome with non-grumpyness when watching our new baby oops, ahem, that is dog, gadder about up and down the hallway after the broom.  Stupidly sweet.

So watch this space dear folks…doggie & puppy drawings here we come…with big splodges of black indian ink and watermarks..we have to get some of that energy down on the paper.  yummy!  (Did I tell you that I am utterly knackered though?!)

Sam x

IMG_0003 2

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2 comments on On Finally a Doggy-Mummy at age 42 & 3 months! You HAVE to see this picture!

  1. Sally
    18 December 2013 at 12:09 pm (1 year ago)

    utterly scrummy :-)

  2. Nell@PigeonPairandMe
    18 December 2013 at 2:52 pm (1 year ago)

    Aaargh no – our friends brought their dog round to our house last night, and it sent me into a spiral of dog-related broodiness. I think this post might just tip me over the edge! This new addition to your family is SHOCKINGLY cute…..


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