Feeling Lonely? Combat it with Creativity…

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I’ve been thinking a lot about loneliness and how at some point in our lives we all experience feeling lonely. It’s well known that you can feel lonely whilst having lots of friends and being surrounded by folk, it may be that perhaps they are not the right types of people, or it may just be that following a big ole’ life experience you’re not firing on all cylinders and perhaps coming to terms with it and withdrawing a bit from life a bit.

All of this is normal and having done some digging about online am reassured that actually, many good things can come from periods of isolation.

I too have been really lonely at times in my life, I remember working in my studio in North London all hours on all seven days of the week to combat my feelings of being lonely.  This continued for about a year, until I realised with some heavy-heartedness that actually, my squirrelling myself away wasn’t helping me, or my work at all.

It took some courage but I made conscious efforts to get out.  I joined a weekly yoga class and stuck to it for some months, I did a weekend life-drawing class and these weekly events forced me to get out and about, whilst at the same time growing my confidence, slowly.

I listened and read the news articles a month or so ago about how many people see their GP’s actually, not out of illness but through loneliness and it struck me that I could do a tiny something about it.  I am mooting to offer a weekly drawing class at my local doctors surgery (which is a big one) in their meeting room and my class will be aimed at getting people in and having some fun.

A natural by-product of this will be their producing some artwork.  Once they dabble in their own creativity again, my hope is that they sign up to some more local art classes, and a by product of that is that they are with other folks again.

So, dear reader, over to you…what can you do in some insy, teeny, weeny way to combat loneliness?  Either your own or that of other people?

Would love to hear your thoughts….

Much love as per

Samantha x





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2 comments on Feeling Lonely? Combat it with Creativity…

  1. Sarah d
    18 December 2013 at 2:01 pm (1 year ago)

    Blogging can work but it takes a while to build a following. Internet chat has helped me a lot in dealing with newborn baby…searching at three am for guidance on weird baby behaviour…

  2. admin
    18 December 2013 at 2:44 pm (1 year ago)

    Hi Sarah, I completely agree, the internet chat rooms really helped me in the wee small hours, when the babes were tiny. I found Mumsnet to be particularly useful x Thanks for your comment x


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