‘Stick Monsters’ Arty Idea’s for a rainy afternoon avec the babes..

IMG_6207 stick Monsters by Samantha Barnes IMG_6211

Boo to the rain, again?!  It’s May.  Well they do say ‘Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’ which apparently means don’t go out without a jumper until May is finished, I can see why.

So, that said…here is a doing recipe to make some ‘Stick Monsters’.  Brilliantly simple and ace for children from about 3/4 years up to about 13ish.

All you need is:

Dry Sticks, goggly eyes, paints of any sort, glue or glue spots, failing that masking tape.  Any additionals you may have about such as stickies, pom-poms, etc etc.

The thinking bit:  I love this bit because the drawing is in the looking.  Look at your stick, either end of it.  What is it saying to you?  How does it look?  Does it’s shape lend itself to an animal?  Can you see an obvious mouth/eyes/head?  The drawing is in the looking and deciding which end to use.  Take time on this bit, it’s fun.

The doing bit:  Go for it.  Add lashings of paint, acrylic works best but don’t forget that it doesn’t come off clothing, watercolour works too.  Add, dabbed textures and use the brush to add different ‘skins’ to your monster.  I bet it’s looking great now.

The last bit:  When your stick is completely dry, add on your googly eyes.

Tada, stand back and admire.  Gorgeous.

Stick Monsters by Samantha Barnes Artypops.



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